We are very excited to welcome you to our new website. There are some echoes of the old as well as much that is new. Please take a look around and let us know what you think. We’re keen to hear from you.

It’s amazing to think that the site that we have been running up until now since the start of the business is now nearly 12 years old! We know the site has been valued by occasional and regular visitors alike for its simplicity and ease of use, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy interacting with and using this new site just as much.

We have wanted to introduce some new elements to the site for a while now, in particular creating a space where job seekers are able to create a private and unique profile allowing you to update us with your key information and contact details as your situation changes, and enabling you to maintain your own list of saved vacancies. Our job listing is now quickly accessible from the home page, and has a number of quick search features. You are also able to load a CV or resume file to your profile and choose whether to include this file or replace it with a new one when you apply to jobs.

The news feature item on the home page allows us to keep you informed about our latest activities or industry news that is happening. The unique Home Page twitter feed give you ‘Today’s Industry Chat’ at a glance, which is great for giving our site visitors an idea of what is happening at key events, or when the news is breaking…

In More Detail

Job Listings and Applications – The site includes new Quick and Advanced Search capabilities for the Job Opportunities listing, accessible immediately from the home page, allowing you to target only those roles that will be of interest to you based on market sector, geographic location, job title or salary range.

In addition, the Job Opportunities section allows you to apply directly to the roles, while including your default CV/Resume that you may already have