No one, right? Well, perhaps the thousands who have lost jobs in the last couple of years and are struggling to get back into the industry would welcome the help of a good recruiter who is tuned into their market.

If you’re a team leader or business manager though, surely you don’t need recruiters right now? Recruiters mean fees, and the last thing a business needs in this market is more cost.

The truth is that Covid and the post pandemic business paradigm has radically changed how recruitment needs to work to recruit candidates that work for their business.

Hiring freezes are still commonplace, and growth strategies are still interwoven with survival plans. And many businesses are thinking about if or how they can hold onto the people they’ve got rather than considering making new hires.

So, there are fewer positions being actively recruited, and those roles that are open are not always being advertised in conventional ways. More active internal recruitment efforts are being made and hiring managers exploring their own immediate networks is the natural consequence.

When to use a recruiter?

Let’s look at why specialist recruiters exist and in many cases thrive, in the markets they serve.

Recruiters exist because they are good at recognising quality talent, understanding their client’s needs and working through the personal, commercial and sometimes even chemical intangibles that have to come together for a successful hire. We are talking here about personal chemistry which is sometimes the most elusive of things to find to try to write into a job spec.

And what about