There was a real sense of energy and activity around the show and in the various technical and panel sessions at the 139th AES Convention as we spent Halloween weekend in New York City. Numbers of attendees and exhibitors reached record levels, according to the society’s executive director, Bob Moses, beating last year’s figures for the convention in Los Angeles.

Education is a major component of any AES program, and a healthy student membership is essential to the continued growth of the society and the industry. In addition to a formal Career and Education Fair hosted on the Saturday, the entire show represents an opportunity for job seekers to meet potential mentors and employers, and to engage with presenters and exhibitors face-to-face. Where else might you be able to converse with the likes of George Massenburg, Al Schmitt or Jim Anderson?

Incoming AES president John Krivit, an educator for the past two decades, has long worked to connect students with jobs in the industry. He noted that the Real Industry presentation, which offered a workshop on the various skills required to take audio products to market, addressed a gap in the typical school