In this article, Interfacio founder and principal consultant Richard Wear talks about the need to focus on the time between finalising a key new hire for your business and the agreed start date, to avoid some common mistakes that could undermine the success of your important new appointment.

Interfacio Pro AV recruitment preboardingHow many times have you stood waiting at an airport gate, with the excitement that’s been building since planning your trip, gradually fading away and being replaced with tiredness, irritation and even self-doubt? It can make for the worst start to a well-planned holiday or business trip. And a bad start to a journey may affect the outcome and enjoyment of the whole thing for some, or at the very least it may set you back as you get started into the activities you have planned.

As a hiring manager, inhouse recruiter, HR business partner, recruitment consultant or executive search professional – you’ll be familiar with this scenario. After weeks or sometimes months of intense work searching and recruiting for a key new hire, you finally get the deal over the line and celebrate. But what happens next?

The concept of ‘Onboarding’ is well understood amongst HR teams and with many business owners and managers, who will quite rightly plan and invest in early-phase engagement and monitoring activities and programmes once someone has started. But at a time when top tal