We joined the throng in Frankfurt last week where it was very much business as usual, albeit considerably warmer than in recent years. The spirit of collaboration was alive and well, suggesting a technology-fuelled mood of buddiness as digital networking grips the industry. Shure and Soundcraft linked microphones and mixers wirelessly; Neumann and Lawo demonstrated something very similar via Dante; while Sennheiser and Apogee jointly announced the ClipMic and MKE2 – digital clip-on mics for iOS devices.

Before we continue to skip through the hot coals of technology innovation and collaboration, there is a word of warning. There may have been over 108,000 visitors this year, drawn to some 2,257 exhibitors, but next year a new format – Thursday to Sunday, essentially ­– threatens to open both Musikmesse and ProLight+Sound to the public every day. We don’t feel this is really compensated by the “exclusive” business hall that was said to be such a success this year: to have to go into one separate hall, away from the exhibits, to hold B2B meetings… this does not suit pros at all. That said, PL+S is expanding into Halls 1, 3, 4 and 5, plus the Congress Centre and the spaces outside it down that end: hopefully, this will provide enough room to avoid the tyre-kickers.

Back to business… DiGiCo’s S21 led the digital mixing console rollouts, offering ‘entry level’ Stealth Digital Processing in one of the most compact formats from the company yet. Avid’s S6L got a Eu