It’s easy to forget as we work hard around the world with our clients to help identify and secure the best talent for their particular business or engineering need, that there always has to be a next generation to take their place if the industry of audio and media technology is to continue thriving through innovation in product, design, production and services.

Ireland is at centre stage
We are looking forward to heading to Dublin in March for the 146th Audio Engineering Convention where we will once again be teaming up with the AES Student Delegate Assembly, offering our Product Management Mentoring Award at the Student Design Competition, participating at the Education and Career Fair and sponsoring the always popular, AES Student Party.

Careers activity on both sides of the pond
Back in October in New York for the last stateside AES Convention, we enjoyed meeting Design Competition entrants and students, including Adam Szwajcowski and Chris Villano – both of whom we felt were worthy recipients of our Product Management Mentoring Award. This award takes the form of a number of mentoring sessions provided by Interfacio consultants Richard Wear and Jo Hutchins, both experienced pro-audio Product Managers themselves, over the course of a number of weeks focusing on the commercialisation of early stage prototype product designs or ideas.

Adam, from Krakow in Poland, had worked on the design of harmonic drum by means of shape optimisation. Using additive synthesis, he has developed virtual prototyping to model a variety of possible drum shapes and then generate a simulation of the sound that they would produce. Setting a simple and sensible objective that the drum must sound harmonic and the shape should be simple enough to build, Adam concluded that the best result is, in fact, an oval, with an open drum, like a Tom-Tom. As a former engineer and occasional drummer, Richard is looking forward to working with Adam on possibilities and opportunities for this work.

Chris Villano, from Connecticut, USA had developed a prototype mix insert switch for auditioning side chain processing. As a former Audio Mixing desk design engineer, Jo is ideally placed to work with Chris on possibilities to further develop this idea over the coming weeks.

After the hard work at the Design Competition and Career Fair in New York was finished, we joined members of the AES Sda at the James L. Dolan Music Recording Studio within NYU featuring an impressive 11.2 Lipinski studio monitoring system, for some more relaxed chat and music together with a little more technical stuff. We were very impressed by Parichat Songmuang, an NYU masters student who was presenting her Tetra speaker, a development of the Tetra mic array, with a striking playback of solo Cello where the listener was able to walk all around the playback device and listen as if a live cellist was sitting and performing in the room.

Back in the UK, and shortly after New York, we attended Production Futures in Wakefield at the Live Events Rehearsal and Design complex, Production Park where we delivered a session on Careers in the Event Technology Products Industry. More details on this event can be found in a previous article here.

More recently, Jo and Bobby attended the Southampton University Engineering and Technology Careers Fair in collaboration with Southampton University’s Institute of Sound Vibration Research (ISVR). It’s always good to meet undergraduate and postgraduate students to see and hear their enthusiasm for working in audio and technology and be able to share possibilities of future career opportunities and advice on how best to develop their passions moving into the workplace.

If you are interested to know how we might be able to offer career guidance or advice at your educational institute or if you would like to understand more about the sort of career opportunities open to your students, do get in touch and we will be happy to speak with you about this.


Mixing With The Industry’s Next Generation

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