We had a busy time in Paris at the 18th JTSE, meeting many of the key players in the French market, and enjoying this exciting and interesting show with its mix of exhibits, and live demo spaces. “Journées techniques du spectacle et de l’évènement” – literally, ‘Event and Show Technical Days’ – follows a good basic concept: Offering ‘small’, one-size-for-all affordable booths – although as so often happens with successful shows like this, some exhibitors are definitely starting to ‘stretcch’ the format with bigger and more sophisticated spaces. Hopefully this won’t lead to a budget war given the shows pouplarity which could so easliy put off some of the many exhibitors and supporters of the show currently….

Once dedicated to theatre professionals, JTSE is now the biggest ‘pro audio’ show in France, although sticking to its roots, it does still welcome curtain, casters, modular stages or seat makers, lighting specialists, etc.  As well as the show floor there are a number of meeting rooms and bigger spaces for thematic presentations are available on the second floor. Two other ‘Docks’ (a few thousand sq. m each) nearby are used for audio and lighting ‘real-life’ demos. This year again, there were around 150 exhibitors and more than 4000 visitors – among them managers, technical directors, integrators, technicians, architects, show designers/consultants. Another nice touch is the free lunch, coffee and drinks, laid on by the organisers!

JTSE is especially famous for the ‘live’ comparative listening s