ISE 2020 round up

Business at this year’s ISE 2020 was dominated by one word – consolidation. There was much talk both in the aisles and amongst the gathered press and trade associations about a maturing of the AV market and integration market. There has certainly been corporate consolidation in the integrator space, with some big players swallowing up slightly smaller ones, but maybe the wide-angle view is a look to enterprise clientele and global rollouts as an obvious step for many.

LED, IP & Audio take centre stage

The power of the integrator and the end-user in AV has also come to the fore. The scramble to focus on the application rather than the ‘next big step’ in technology was palpable. This was never as obvious as in the LED screen offerings this year. Last year may have been the final frantic episode of the pixel-pitch-wars, because this year pixel pitch was a subject of application – of the most appropriate when cost, reliability, screen size, audience, and environment have been taken into consideration – not who can get them smaller and closer toget