In recent years we at Interfacio have found ourselves increasingly working with individuals and business teams on performance and development alongside our established recruitment and executive search services.

We take great pride in our work and we value the teams and individuals we work with and are constantly looking to service our clients long term aspirations. With this in mind we are excited to be enhancing our offering to both candidates and clients with the introduction of our inTeams bespoke performance coaching programs.

InTeams Align career
“inTeams is much more than looking at business and career opportunities. It is a journey of self-evaluation and reflection involving a complete personal and professional reset which can be extremely powerful. As a coach & mentor I find it incredibly rewarding and enlightening.”

Isabelle Wear – Principal Coach

The Align, Elevate & Perform programs have been developed to support both individuals and teams at key stages of their professional development.



The goal and outcome of the inTeams Align Program is to provide individuals with a clear sense of who they are and how they want to take themselves forward in their career, together with a new-found level of self-knowledge, awareness and confidence.

“Working with Isabelle has benefited me in so many different ways. From a deep analysis of my motivations, I have gained a firm sense of direction. I feel happier and more confident in my decision making and I have a better context of my own history. Isabelle was patient and engaging throughout the experience, keeping my focus in the right place and challenging me to consider the wider meaning. I now know what I can accomplish in the future without self-limiting beliefs.

As a result, I have built a day-to-day resilient mental tool-kit, I am a far more effective communicator and I have a much deeper understanding of how to motivate myself and others.

Isabelle was instrumental in helping me transform an extremely challenging time into a hugely positive experience, I feel like I’ve just levelled up.”  – AH, International Sales, Pro Audio



Have you worked out the cost of losing key members of your existing teams? Or perhaps there is someone internally who has the potential to step up but is perhaps not quite there yet?

Elevate addresses this situation as an opportunity and has been designed to retain staff, build confidence, unlock and develop potential, allowing key individuals in your organization to thrive.

Hiring a new team member may of course be the solution. However, it does require investments. Not only will you need to search for new talent which will take away your focus from the business, but you will also have to manage the impact on the wider team in their own focus, motivation and productivity. Then there will be the external relationships with your customers and market partners to consider.

The goal and outcome of the inTeams Elevate program is to support individuals moving into a higher level role within their existing organization. Elevate has been designed to retain staff, build confidence, unlock and develop potential, allowing key individuals in your organization to thrive.


If you want to get in touch to confidentially discuss how these bespoke performance coaching programs could benefit you, please contact Isabelle Wear on +44 (0) 7852 878997 or email [email protected].







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