This year’s IBC highlights the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable way consumers and technology are driving change for broadcasters and content originators. We are here to try to make sesne of it all and when we are not on the show floor we will be hosting our Talking Talent Clinics where we will be offering practical advice and insights around the recruiting challenges that go with such a fast pace of change and market evolution.

This year’s show features a number of live areas including Future zone, a Technology in Action Theatre and an IP Interoperability Zone.

A real studio, control room and data centre are all available for you to observe in the new IBC IP Interoperability zone At the IBC IP Interoperability Zone you will see a studio production shot from a real studio floor, switched in an IP gallery and transmitted over IP via data centres also housed at IBC.

Just days to go: more than 70 engineers from over 30 different companies verify IP Interoperability in preparation for the demonstration at IBC2016 (Image courtesy of IBC)

Talking Talent at IBC.

At these clinics we offer a sounding board and can help brainstorm a nu