Anyone who’s been to more than a few trade shows knows the tropes so often discussed when meeting a colleague from another company at a stand drinks on Day 3.

A common response to “How’s your traffic been?” might be, “Well, the overall footfall has been down a bit, but the quality’s been good.”
We’ve all heard it, we’ve likely all said it, and we probably very often meant it. Tropes can be quite useful and reflective of reality. They are not always a simple banal cliché or rhetorical device.

The ‘quality vs. quantity,’ description of trade show attendance was heard a few times at IBC2019, even though the official total attendance figure of 56,390 was quite strong. The main take-away that matters is that the right people were there and most exhibitors seemed happy with the show and business. Simply, it was a good show for most and many are doing well.

Evolution vs. Revolution

Another trade show trope to guide our thought i