By Jo Hutchins, Engineering Recruitment Consultant at Interfacio

Congratulations, you finally graduated!

Now that you have your degree and are ready to embark on your career, you might find yourself having to decide which path might be most suitable for your skills and aspirations. Making such a decision is no easy task given the speed at which technology evolves. Furthermore, it’s very difficult to plan the rest of your future for years to come when the world itself changes so quickly.  

However, the fact that the job market is constantly evolving presents an opportunity in itself, as it might provide you with a wide range of options to choose when planning your career. You’re also probably already aware that the world of audio technology is a dynamic, cutting-edge industry in which to work.

The professionals pursuing a career in this sector have a high level of technical expertise and are driven by creativity and a passion for what they do. Plus, it’s an industry that accommodates a wide range of personalities and encourages innovation, which mi