The 22nd Journées Techniques du Spectacle et de l’Événement took place recently in the Docks de Paris, on 27th and 28th November 2018.

This event is dedicated to lighting, audio and technical machinery (plus fabrics, seating, accessories and so on) for stage events. It is attended by thousands of visitors every year – rivalled, this year, by Heavent, a professional event trade show, taking place on the same dates on the other side of Paris.

JTSE’s main exhibition hall hosted around 140 exhibitors. Two more halls were used: one for lighting, hosting 14 “black boxes” (for Adam Hall/Cameo, ADB, AED, Algam, AVAB, Axente, Chauvet, Christie, ClayPaky, Dimatec, ESL, Freevox, Juliat, and Robe), another hosting six “silent” workshop/training sessions hosted by Avid, Best Audio, EVI Audio France, Freevox, Lawo and Yamaha Music Europe. That’s where the latest live mixing desks could be seen and tested. In this “audio demo” hall, some conferences took place, under the topic “present technologies” – immersive sound reinforcement, 100% LED lighting or Eco-design European directive presentation