Are you tired of hiring solutions that don’t identify and attract the top talent in your space?  We will provide the insight and understanding of your sector together with our own real-world previous business management experience to deliver a valuable strategic partnership solution for your specialist talent attraction and acquisition needs.

If you’re an owner or a senior team leader working in the audio, music and TV technology industries, then you’re going to want to surround yourself with the top people who can drive, manage and lead your key strategic business projects.

You haven’t got time to waste on dealing with recruiters who bombard you with irrelevant or poorly screened resumes.  Or even worse, those who just don’t understand your business and market.

Talk to us – We know these industries and will help you get it right. 

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How we’ll help you to find your next star hire

Here at Interfacio, all of our consultants have worked in management roles IN the industry sectors that they work in, including sales, marketing, product management, engineering and product development roles. Between us we have over 42 years experience in these sectors before we became recruiters.

We understand YOU, the technologies you work with, your market channels and the cultures of your business, as well as those of your competitors.  Importantly for you, we know how and where to find the people you are looking to hire.  They’ll only be put forward to you after we’ve assessed whether they’re a good fit within your business.   It’s just as important to us, as it is to you that your star team members stay & grow with you and become a key part of your company’s success.

The Costs of recruiting the Wrong talent

Why would you even take the risk of recruiting the wrong person into your business?  Recruiting the wrong talent is extremely costly in so many ways – lost revenue, delayed implementation of new programmes, or worse; Damage to your brand and the knock-on negative effect this can have for all of your stakeholders.  We’ll work closely with you to minimise this risk for you.

Is your In-House recruitment process LOSING top talent?

In a competitive talent market, even an established in-house recruitment process may fail to deliver the quality you need when you are looking to find, attract and close the best talent in your sector. Long delays, poor interaction with prospective candidates by people not fully informed or conversant with your market, strategy and business goals can mean that you miss out on that A-list hire you need to make. Give the process the best possible chance of success and talk to us, whilst enabling your senior team to continue doing what they do best – delivering success within their areas of the business.

If you are serious about wanting to find and recruit the top talent that you know will make a difference to your business, then we should to talk.   We can talk through your hiring challenges and hear how we can best work together to deliver the recruiting result you need for your business.

Our Approach

Why Interfacio?

We’ll help you. Providing Clarity in the brief; An effective Search Strategy; And a thorough and reliable Process to identify, evaluate, screen and select.

We know our markets. We’ll work with you as a true partner bringing insights and capabilities to compliment those of your own hiring team.

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  • We’re genuine specialists in the sectors we work in.
  • A truly global reach and capability – USA, Europe and Asia.
  • We’re really good at finding new talent and search inside and outside of the sector. 50% of placed candidates are not known to us when we start a search.
  • We build long term relationship. Over 90% of our placements are with clients we’ve worked with before. 
  • A range of flexible and tailored search services.
  • We’re well known in our markets. So success really matters to us too.
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