Walking IBC 2015 one could be forgiven for thinking that the hottest topics in broadcasting are drones and social media. But there was a lot more going on at the RAI that is right at the core of today’s production and broadcast technology, with plenty of fun alongside serious innovation. ‘The Stig’ welcomed visitors on day 4, and Cinergy took us ‘Back to the Future’ with the film’s original DeLorean on display outside the halls.

Ultra High Definition (UHD) and 4k look like viable technologies as broadcasters, including BT Sport in the UK, launch dedicated channels. Sony, Panasonic and Canon were among the manufacturers with new 4k launches but even before this format is fully established there was growing talk of 8k. Japanese broadcaster NHK remains the main proponent and had several displays of the technology, including one to see if people could spot the pixels.

More practical was the growth in high dynamic range (HDR). This enables TV sets and display screens to present the high resolution, sharpness and brighter colours of 4k and it made an impact on many stands round the exhibition.

IP production was again high on the agenda; on the audio side the Ravenna and Dante networking transport systems were highly conspicuous, with the latter marginally edging ahead. The overall message was co-operation, with many manufacturers adopting technologies developed by others, such as audio over IP, into new products.

This coming together was reflected in commercial terms. Quantel bought Sn