Welcome to the return of our monthly news digest!

During the pandemic we were proud to have been able to keep this up in weekly format between April ’20 and June ’21, before we became overwhelmed with trying to help all of our clients get their businesses back to work. As we are now hitting our stride again and the industry is excitedly anticipating a return to in person events over the coming weeks, we are happy to be bringing back our popular monthly news digest.

Image courtesy of Getty Images and the BBC in our feature article about the state of live music revenues

Here we share what we consider to be some of the more interesting highlights over the last month or so that you may have missed, from both the media technology and professional audio industry as well as from the world of recruitment, staffing, and employment law. This month we feature a couple of pieces about talent and hiring in the Middle East which is a market we have been busy in since the start of 2022.