Our Mission

We strive at all times to provide a valuable and highly effective service to our clients and be an invaluable career development partner for our candidates.

There is a limit to how long specialised industries can rely on hiring by ‘word-of-mouth’, based upon who is available at a particular time. As companies expand and mature, personnel decisions and investments in head-count are synonymous with business strategy. Increasingly, the processes and methods used to successfully recruit key staff are reflecting this, and Interfacio addresses this need.

As the various technology industries within which we work continue to mature, so do the people working within them. No longer is it enough for the same faces to simply re-circulate amongst the principal employers. Good individuals increasingly look elsewhere to new industries for new and greater challenges and opportunity, and employers are increasingly recognising that fresh talent often needs to come from further afield.

By leveraging our experience and insight in the sectors in which we work and by investing in well-targeted resourcing and promotion and a first class understanding and evaluation of our candidates, Interfacio addresses this emerging opportunity and is fast becoming one of the leading specialist global media technology placement services. Working within a number of specialist technology industries that share common facets in sales, marketing, distribution, engineering and support, we provide valuable and essential support and guidance for quality individuals who are looking to develop their careers within or between these sectors.