Our Approach

It all starts with a conversation and an understanding.

Interfacio is not just a recruitment website, CV/resume bank or job board. We consider ourselves to be a valuable recruitment partnership and we work with clients and candidate who are serious about their search goals and willing to invest and commit time in working with us.

Straight talking, informed, easy to talk to and focused on success – For employers and jobseekers

We are a small team of real people who are committed to improving the recruitment experience for both our clients and our candidates, and who strive at all times to create a first class, personal and specialist service. We promote ourselves and our service throughout the world within the sectors that we work through relevant social and trade media in print, online, and through personal attendance at all the major industry trade shows. Through this activity we identify and attract quality candidates who are looking to move on or develop their careers.

We personally evaluate all new candidates to assess their skills, background and personality. Based upon our own industry experience and understanding of our client’s needs, we recommend suitable candidates for consideration.

Within the scope of the work that we do are a wide range of roles from entry level or relatively junior product specialists, inside sales people or engineers, through a range of sales, marketing, R&D or operations positions and including senior roles including directors and global VPs, heads of business unit, presidents and CEOs, across all business disciplines including sales, marketing, engineering, logistics and supply chain or management. We will only take on assignments where we are confident that we can understand our client’s business and needs and believe we can genuinely add value with what we are able to deliver. Central to this is the commitment to honest and timely communication with all parties to ensure a positive conclusion whatever the outcome or decision in each individual case.

What we are, and what we are not

We are not a CV bank that will supply a list of names or large quantities of CVs, for candidates who may or may not have been consulted or evaluated for a particular role, and may not even know their details have been presented.

We are a valuable strategic partner who will work with our client to enhance their own in-house talent acquisition efforts and resources, and who will remain committed to all search assignments until completion in order to ensure the best available person can be found and hired. Through this we are confident that we will continue to undertake repeat assignments as we continue to gain a deeper understanding of our client’s business.

The following extract is taken from the interview “Backlines” by Phil Ward published in Pro Sound News Europe in May 2002 when Interfacio was founded

Phil Ward: What criteria will you bring to bear in matching people and jobs?

Richard Wear: “I think that to be good at recruitment you need two things: you need to have a genuine interest in people and their skills; and you need to have a good understanding of the industry sectors you’re trying to serve. I don’t have a formula – it’s more intuitive than that. I look at people’s levels of enthusiasm, intelligence, technical skills and background, and also very much the culture involved – both of the person and the company.”

“Every company has a culture and a personality, and different people fit into different environments. Interfacio invests a lot of time in getting to know the candidates, and help them focus correctly on the real objectives. Plenty of people can have understandable but unrealistic ideas about where they should be and what they could do. At the same time, they may have missed suitable opportunities that were staring them in the face, because their preconceptions were misplaced.”

“I’ve worked as an employer for the majority of my career, in sales, marketing and management. I’ve hired people though all sorts of different channels, and I have an understanding of the types of roles that are required. But it comes down to being genuinely concerned that people take themselves in the right direction. If you don’t do that, you end up being a typical headhunter who’s only interested in moving bodies around on commission.”