Market Sectors

At Interfacio, we have expertise in and specialist knowledge of a number of specific market sectors within the media technology industry. Our knowledge and passion for these sectors allows us to offer a unique insight and understanding of our clients’ goals and our candidates’ experience. Our continued and exclusive focus within these particular business sectors means that we have an ongoing and vested interest in the success of the work that we do.

Sound Reinforcement / Live Sound

The business of getting it to sound right on the night involves a lot of big, heavy and expensive kit. Establishing a reputation in this market can take years, and can be lost overnight with a high profile system failure. Probably one of the most discerning market sectors bringing demanding professionals together with critical performance – Technology, delivery, reliability, ease of use and quality are all at a premium. Professional loudspeakers, digital mixing systems, microphones, automation systems, networked control and amplification, dedicated outboard gear or plug-ins.

Commercial Audio & Fixed Installation

Our clients in this sector are serving some of the biggest and most high profile customer sites around the world, and these projects may take years to develop and deliver. The business of requirements capture, tender, system design, integration and delivery calls for a special commitment to detail, patience, technical understanding and commercial skill. The products in the end may well go unseen by the time the venues go live, but the kudos associated with each sale is never lost.

Recording & Audio Post-Production

We work closely with many of the leading manufacturers in this field. Often involving ‘bleeding edge’ audio and production technology, sophisticated technology sales and support organisations are needed to address the needs of a professional and commercial customer base working in the music, film and gaming markets. Digital audio and video technologies, merging increasingly with networked IT/IP platforms and utilising proprietary control surfaces and user interface design.

Consumer Audio Technology

Where specialist audio technology breaks into the mass consumer market, whether in the home, car, office or for mobile use, we bring a valuable understanding of the business. Whether it involves high-end personal headsets, premium quality HD Audio over blue-tooth, Unified Communications or USB turntables, we have helped our clients find the right combination of technical know-how, market understanding and the commercial skills to turn a great solution, business idea or technology into business success.

MI & DJ Technology

Broadly referred to as the ‘MI’ sector, we have a great deal of experience in this space. Musical instruments and music production and performance technology – Hardware and software, DJ gear, portable PA equipment for musicians, schools, churches. Field sales people, product managers, marketing communications specialists and key account managers are some of the roles we regularly work on. Businesses that involve the marketing of specialised products to an informed and expert consumer audience – with relatively high unit volume sales, and associated multi-layer distribution channels often involving a mixture of captive and third-party models and combining conventional ‘high-street’ retail with major direct marketing and on-line retailers.

Broadcast & Video

Today’s TV and broadcast media moves fast and is ever-changing. Media asset management, storage, playout and automation. Location recording, editing, complex capital IT systems or niche innovative audio processing of VFX solutions. Outside broadcast, TV studio production, News workflow solutions, Radio playout automation. The business models are changing as fast as the technology itself, and the consumer is driving an ever increasing demand for quality, speed and volume of content.